Athlete Inspired

Athlete Inspired

Don’t sweat getting wet!

SolRX™ was originally created to meet the endurance needs of triathletes – waterproof, long-lasting, won’t run or burn your eyes. But like you, we don’t quit. We are always refining and learning– leading the ‘reef-friendly’ movement, adding lighter formulas, and eliminating harmful chemicals. But we respect our deep roots in fitness and wellness and always test our products both in the lab and in the field. We’ve learned through years of athlete feedback exactly what healthy and active people want in sun protection:

  • Ultimate water and sweat resistance
  • Broad spectrum UVA & UVB protection
  • Reef friendly to protect the places we play and work
  • Sunscreen that goes on and stays put
  • Commitment to the highest quality ingredients
  • Fragrance free formulas
Doctor Developed

Doctor Developed

SolRX is like a ‘prescription for sun protection’.

We believe good sunscreen is part of a whole-body wellness approach to living. We work with dermatologists to develop sun care that protects you from sunburn now and premature ageing later. Every SolRX product is clinically-tested up to and beyond the FDA standards for Sport Sunscreens. Our commitment is creating the ultimate medical-grade sunscreens that keep you healthy – so you can enjoy active outdoor lives.