The Science
Behind the Sunscreen


Dermatologist developed for active lifestyles.

Our WATERBLOCK™ water-resistant system is clinically formulated for healthy active outdoor living. In fact, SolRX was originally developed for triathletes seeking reef-friendly products that could protect for hours in wet conditions. Whether you are chasing a PR or chasing your kids around the pool, SolRX™ Sunscreen is designed to last.

Did you know sunscreen is regulated by the FDA?

When it counts, you can count on SolRX™. We manufacture to the highest quality and specifications. Our products pass rigorous FDA standards for quality, efficacy and safety – before they ever come near your skin.

You test yourself to higher standard – so do we.

We developed a water-resistance system, later trademarked as WATERBLOCK™ , that was superior to other sunscreens in the surf/sport category. We commissioned AMA Testing Labs (globally renown for SPF testing) to create an independent performance test. We asked for a test“ tougher than that of the FDA or any other governmental agency in the world”. And with an eye toward our triathlete roots, asked to test 8 HOURS IN THE WATER and rate its SPF effectiveness.

Effective 8 hours in the water!

We submitted our SPF 30 product for testing and the results surpassed all expectations – even AMA Labs was shocked. The test lasted a grueling 8 hours in the water, and the SPF30 product still rated SPF 35+! AMA Labs has confirmed SolRX WATERBLOCK™ system to be water resistant for 8 hours. Independent testing showed WATERBLOCK™ performed at virtually full SPF-rating throughout the 8 hour test, as well as during a re-SPF test after 8 hours. That testing methodology has now become the industry standard.

8-hour protection is in the bottle.

(It’s just not on the label) In an effort to standardize sunscreen information, the FDA recently limited claims that can be printed on packaging (even when the protection far exceeds those limits). So our 8 hour water resistant formula remains as effective as always, only the label has changed.

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