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    Join the ranks of professional cyclists – Official product choice of Team Qhubeka Nexthash

    SolRX MINERAL SPF50 Clear Zinc Sunscreen with WATERBLOCK™ is a Mineral sunscreen, otherwise known as physical sunscreen – creates the ultimate UVA/UVB barrier on the skin which blocks and deflects the sun’s harmful rays. Dermatologist approved, long lasting, specifically for use on faces, hands, ears, and bodies. SolRX Clear Zinc Oxide sunscreen is water resistant and covers extremely well with minimal amount applied.  Gone are the days of white noses and ears – SolRX ZINC goes on clear and oil free with a matte finish so athletes can focus on exercise and play.   For frequent users, one 100ml tube should cover the face for approximately 3 months.

    SolRX’s New SPORT SPRAY SPF 50 Continuous Dry-Spray Sunscreen 
    is a REEF FRIENDLY AND OXYBENZONE FREE formula. The unique 360° locking continuous spray Push / Pull Trigger allows for a superior spray dispensing at any angle – even upside down!  (valve on bag ensures zero waste, won’t leak, spill or accidentally spray.)

    FOR FACE AND BODY – light and non-sticky
    SolRX SPORT SPF 50 Sunscreen
    Oxybenzone Free with WATERBLOCK™ (45ml) activates upon application, allowing SolRX to bond to your skin, maintaining it’s SPF for up to 8 hours. Creating a water and sweat proof sunscreen barrier that won’t sweat into your eyes, won’t clog your pores and allows your skin to breathe.  Oil FREE so won’t interfere with your sports equipment.

    SolRX SPF 30 Concentrated Lip Protection
    – vanilla.   Clinically engineered to specifically prevent burnt and chapped lips. Premium oil free formula.  With SolRX Vanilla Lip Ice SPF 30, you’ll get the same maximum protection for your lips that you would from our WATERBLOCK® SPF 30 Sunscreen.